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Saint David's Anglican Church

Saint David's Anglican Church



Sept. 2, 2019

Yesterday St. David's Anglican Church became St. David's Traveling Anglican Church. In actuality we sank into union with the larger Body of Christ on earth, combining our voices of praise with those of fellow believers of another Christian congregation in our town.

Our entire and unedited Service of Holy Communion - Anglican prayer books, liturgy and all - went down the block to the Welsh Presbyterian Church for an uplifting joint service of worship recognizing and celebrating our unity in Jesus Christ.

Select prayers "For the Church" and "For the Unity of God's People" (BCP, pp. 37-38) were made during the service, the second prayer by all in unison. "Anglican" and "Presbyterian" melted into one Christian congregation of worship, and connected with the ancient undivided Church and the praise of myriads of angels in heaven.

From our host church's website this morning are these words: Welsh Presbyterian Church

“The Sanctuary of The Welsh Presbyterian Church was truly blessed this Sunday during the 1st Joint Worship between the congregations of St David's Anglican Church and The Welsh Presbyterian Church. Witnessing the two congregations under one roof was truly a spiritual event.” 


August 22, 2019
St. David’s Anglican Church is pleased to announce that beginning Saturday, September 14, a new monthly service of worship will take place at their premises at 150 Main Street in Poultney, at the corner of Knapp Street.

‘Morning Prayer in the Celtic Tradition’ will be held on the second Saturday of each month at 9:00 a.m. The service will draw from the rich spiritual insight of the ancient Celtic Christianity that was present in the British Isles generally, but especially in Wales and Ireland.

Each service will include songs, select readings and prayers taken from the literature of Celtic tradition. There will be readings from Holy Scripture, and all will be interspersed with selections from The Book of Common Prayer (1928, American edition). Much of the service will be done in unison, or in the form of responsive readings. Congregational participation is assured.

In the Celtic Christian ethos there is a strong belief in the sacredness of the earth and everything that grows on it, that this world is God’s world, and that His creation and redeeming grace in Jesus Christ belong together. The Celtic tradition also displays a profound sense of the nearness of God, the closeness of eternity to the mundane matters of everyday life, that there is a ‘thin space’ between heaven and earth.

In today’s busy and noisy world, it is hoped that through the contributions of ancient Celtic Christianity, those in attendance will find the articulation of their own desire to be nearer to God.



At 10 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 1, we rejoice to say that St. David's will be having a joint service of worship, including Holy Communion, with the Welsh Presbyterian Church of Poultney. It will be held at the Welsh Presbyterian Church at their location at 46 Grove Street, right next to the town hall and across the street from Dunkin' Donuts. The service will be led by Rev. Hogan and follow the liturgy of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. Opening and closing the service will be Mr. Frank Sears, Elder of Administration for the Welsh Presbyterian Church.
The following Sunday St. David's will resume services at our 150 Main Street location. We have enjoyed working together with our Christian brethren. It is a good thing to demonstrate a joint Christian witness to our community, especially in these times, and thus we look forward to Sept. 1. with eager anticipation.  


Bishop Marsh: Episcopal Visit
Sunday, Oct. 13th
See Photos

'Episcopal' is a church word that signifies our bishop's office; he is our episkopos. That's a Greek word containing two parts: epi ('over,' as in epidermis) and skopos ('scope,' as in to scope out the land). Think, look out over, oversight. An Episcopal Visit by the bishop demonstrates his pastoral oversight of our little flock. During his visit he will preside in worship, celebrate the Eucharist, and visit and enjoy fellowship with us. 

Press release – June 25, 2019, Poultney, Rutland County, Vermont



July 4th - Come, Let Us Watch the Annual July 4th Parade in Poultney and Celebrate Together      

On behalf of St. David's Anglican Church, the local community and the region's Welsh heritage community-at-large, the Reverend Jim Hogan extends invitation to all to stop by 150 Main Street on Thursday, July 4th between 10 a.m. and NOON for fellowship and to meet new friends while we together watch Poultney's annual parade and celebrate our Nation’s freedoms.  
Light refreshments will be available. Members and friends are invited to bring shareable potluck finger food items such as Welsh Cakes, Welsh tea breads, ice tea, lemon-aid, water, coolers, ice, etc. Hot coffee and tea will be supplied by St. David’s Anglican Church; paper cups and napkins will be supplied by Poultney Area St. David's Society.
Weather permitting, we will be located in front of St. David's Anglican Church in the fenced-in area on the Main Street sidewalk at 150 Main Street.  A limited number of folding chairs will be available. If you have a favorite folding chair, please bring it with you.  
This event is an informal "gathering of the clans" fellowship event. Members of Poultney Area St. David's Society, Welsh Presbyterian Church, the Welsh-American Genealogical Society and other friends will be with us too.  All are welcome.      

Questions:  contact Jim Hogan at (802)-265-2206 or email – jimhogan715@gmail.com ; or contact Poultney Area St. David's Society through its email - pasds1988@gmail.com or its Facebook page.

**The flag of Saint David is normally a yellow cross on a black field, but it has also appeared as a black cross on a yellow field or with an engrailed cross. It represents the 6th-century Saint David, a Welsh bishop of Menevia and the patron saint of Wales. (Source: Wikipedia.)  

New Mid-week Services 

(Every week, beginning Tuesday, May 14)

8:30 a.m. Morning Prayer Service
9:15 a.m. Readings from the Early Christians

6:30 p.m. Evening Prayer Service
7:15 p.m. Bible Study and Discussion

Lakes Region Radio

Rev. James R. Hogan, Pastor & Deacon-in-Charge, will be on-the-air for an interview March 1, 2019 just after the 9:00 news in recognition of St. David's Day.
The station numbers are: 1340 AM and 94.1 FM.
The interview will cover topics like "St. David himself, our church and Anglicanism in general."


Diocese of the Northeast
The Most Rev. Brian R. Marsh, Bishop

For Immediate Release: February 1, 2019
Contact: (207) 615-7989-Office of the Dean or the Rev. Mr. James Hogan, Pastor
(802) 265-2206


Bishop Brian R. Marsh has announced that St. David’s Anglican Parish in Poultney Vermont will once again resume regular weekly services beginning Sunday March 3rd at 10 AM. The parish will worship at 150 Main Street in Poultney.

“I am pleased to announce that this long standing parish will once again be a prominent institution in the Poultney area, “ said Bishop Marsh. “I am very pleased to also announce that the Rev. Mr. James Hogan will succeed Father Alexander Stringer who retired last year as pastor. Fr. Stringer was a dedicated and faithful servant of the church and served as shepherd for the people of his parish for its entire 38 year history.”

The Rev. Mr. Hogan has an associate’s degree from Nassau Community College in New York, Bachelor of Arts from the State University of New York at Albany, is a graduate of Trinity Ministerial Academy in Montville, NJ and has a Master of Divinity from the American Evangelical Christian University in Indianapolis, IN. He was accepted into Holy Orders in the Anglican Church in October of 2018.

Saint David was a Welsh bishop of Mynyw (now St. David’s) during the 6th century. He is the patron saint of Wales, recognized by several traditional denominations. St. David was a native of Wales and was responsible for the care of the Welsh Church as its Archbishop. The dates for his birth and death are debated. He was believed to have been born sometime between 462 and 520 and died on March 1st, ca. 554, 589 or 601 which is also celebrated as his feast day. He was canonized by the Church ca. 1120.

St. David’s is a member parish of the Anglican Church in America, part of the worldwide Traditional Anglican Communion with jurisdictions covering 44 countries. The Church holds Holy Scripture as authoritative and professes the historic creeds of Christendom, upholding the evangelical witness of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ. “We look forward to the growth of this important parish in the Vermont/Upstate New York Area and are pleased that this long standing Church community will continue to provide traditional worship, Word and Sacrament to the faithful,” concluded Bishop Marsh.  


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