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Saint David's Anglican Church

Saint David's Anglican Church

About Us


A Word from our Bishop

Bishop Marsh

If you are new to our jurisdiction, or simply visiting this web site, I hope you will join with us for worship services. You will find our parishes to be warm and welcoming; in our churches, we experience the joy and commitment of a common life as faithful Christians. We seek to share the wonder, mystery and love of our faith with all earnest Christian seekers.

In our common worship, we observe the ancient rites of the church through regular prayer and the Holy Eucharist. The liturgy of our church holds us together; it is through common or communal worship that the people of God come together most completely to offer their prayers, sing their praises to God and deepen their spiritual understanding. We encourage all to join with us, to learn the language of our worship and participate in the unique spiritual journey that is the Anglican way.

The Anglican Church in America is a traditional, historic church. We use the ancient offices found in The Book of Common Prayer. The beautiful language of our prayer book draws us closer to God. The continual use of the matchless prayers contained within The Book of Common Prayer offers us a window onto faith, holding us together as a community that meets in Jesus' name.

We believe firmly that, in today's complex and often troubled world, God's love and protection are essential to a healthy physical, moral and spiritual life. We affirm that the Holy Bible contains all things necessary for salvation. We believe that the sacraments represent outward and visible signs of an inward and spiritual grace. It is our lasting commitment to protect the ancient treasures and teachings of the church, recognizing that these treasures provide the only true shelter for our passage through this temporal life. They are indeed gifts from God; it is our task to care for them, to preserve them and to pass them on to other faithful Christians.

Our dioceses continues to grow. We add new missions and parishes each year. Many outstanding men have offered themselves to the service of God's church as deacons and priests. Many lay people serve the church selflessly and often at great sacrifice. There is still so much to do. We invite you to join us, to bring your gifts to God. Help in a transcendent experience of building His church.

The Most Rev. Brian R. Marsh
Bishop Ordinary

A Word from our Pastor

We welcome you to the Orthodox and Apostolic Anglican Community of Saint David's Anglican Church, a parish of the Northeast Diocese of the Anglican Church in America in the Worldwide Traditional Anglican Communion.

What is a ‘Traditional’ Anglican?

We are "traditional" Anglicans. Now some people might understand us a little too fast here. They may think that “traditional" means we are frozen in the past, petrified. Not so.  What does it mean, then, to be a traditional Anglican?

It means we have seen wisdom in past generations that has been forgotten or even held in contempt by subsequent generations like our own. It means that sometimes the most progressive and forward-looking direction is to go back. In our day it means that much of Christendom has lost its way and needs to rediscover its ancient roots. The Anglican way meets this need, being solidly grounded in historic Christianity.  Our roots go back to the ancient Celtic Christianity of the first century. And we believe the teaching and practices of the undivided Church during its first 500 years of existence are still relevant.

We have not turned an intentional blind eye to the mistakes of the past. For sure, the past has plenty of mistakes - but so does the present; and it is only human pride that supposes "new" must be better than old. But we think "new" is not always better. We see this all around us in our daily lives, and the same maxim applies to the Christian Church.

Our VISION: to reintroduce this generation to Christ through the beauty, mystery and timelessness of the Anglican tradition, firmly rooted in the principles of early Christianity.  We wish to share a timeless faith for all who are seeking answers to the many difficult questions of today.

Our WORSHIP: to express this timeless faith through the time-tested liturgy of The Book of Common Prayer, a true expression of the Anglican faith and ethos, and which ties in to ancient liturgies, both Eastern and Western.

Our FAITH: to connect it to our worship, not separating the two. What do we believe? Come worship with us and see.

Our LIFE: to live out our faith in the presence of both God and man, as followers of Jesus Christ.

As part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ we are committed to historic Christian orthodoxy, traditional Anglicanism, and being a living witness for Biblical morality amidst a culture that has lost its way. 

The Traditional Kind of Anglicanism: Orthodox and Biblical

While we share a common heritage with the Church of England and the Episcopal Church USA, these bodies have drifted from both Christian orthodoxy and historic Anglicanism.  We are independent of both and blessed to be part of the growing Traditional Anglican Communion, now in 44 countries. Still, we know the Church should be one and long for the unity of the Body of Christ which Jesus prayed for (John 17:21). We introduce nothing new or novel, and only seek to re-introduce to our world the Faith that was from the beginning of the Christian Era, which in the presence of God must be non-negotiable.  

We are Evangelical, Sacramental, and hold to a reformed Catholicism, believing what is truly catholic is that which has always been believed, everywhere, and by all. Here is the threefold test of catholicity laid down by Vincent of Lerins in the 5th century, i.e. antiquity, universality, and consent.

You will find a warm welcome at St. David’s Anglican Church. We are “your servants, for Jesus’ sake” (2 Cor. 4:5). God bless you, and keep you in His care. Pastor Jim Hogan

The Rev. James R. Hogan
Pastor & Deacon-in-Charge






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