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About Us

We welcome you to the Orthodox and Apostolic Anglican Community of Saint David's Anglican Church,
a parish of the Anglican Church in America in the Worldwide Traditional Anglican Communion.

A brief history by Fr. Stringer

In the summer of 1980 I left the Episcopal Church - I had been Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Poultney VT since 1965 but could take no longer the changes in the Episcopal Church - I was a teacher at Green Mountain College and we had a house in Wells so that's where we moved. 
At the same time one-half of Trinity's congregation left and formed themselves into a separate congregation which I joined later in the year and we became a congregation of the Anglican Church of North America in December 1980 - by Bishop. William Lewis. 
So, one-half of our present congregation has known me as their parish priest for 45 years - they will not fire me or let me go!  Officially I am retired so am really a member of a congregation who happens to be a priest and is trying to look after the flock until such a day when someone else turns up - ha, ha!!  One of my friends asked me one day, "Where will you go when you don't go to St. David's any more?" and I replied, "The Wells cemetery."  

So as a congregation we have existed for 30 years - we started with many more members but over the years have lost many through death, return to the Episcopal Church and moving to a warmer climate but I tell our people now that we are part of the "Great Remnant" - I think we are a faithful little group of Traditional Anglicans with an Anglo-Catholic background, meeting in each others homes once a month - a House Church- we have been in the local Churches and been forced out of all of them eventually so became a House Church - meeting chiefly in our own home in Wells on the 1st Sunday in each month - Christmas, Easter and a few other special Feasts in addition - followed by coffee and the usual "eats."  

  Phone: (802) - 645 - 1962.

Services: The Holy Eucharist - 1st Sunday of each month at 9:30 a.m. in Wells.



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